ICAR 2016 Convention - Review

October 19-22, 2016 in Borovets, Bulgaria. Hosted by our member organization Mountain Rescue Service at the BRC Bulgarian Red Cross in cooperation with Happening Creative.

ICAR 2016 marked the first ICAR Congress held In Bulgaria, with 343 persons in attendance representing 33 countries from all over of the world. ...

Key Dates

11th April 2016
Registration opens

30th June 2016
Early bird booking closes

16th September 2016
Standard booking closes: (late and on-site charge applies).


19th October 2016
Musala – the highest peak of the Balkan peninsula.

20th October 2016
The Rila monastery - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

21th October 2016
The Seven Lakes – the beautiful heart of the Rila National Park.

22th October 2016
Plovdiv city – more than 8 000 years of history.


18.10.2016 Tuesday
Check in, Briefing for pre-convention workshop.

19.10.2016 Wednesday
Check in, Opening of convention, pre-convention workshop.

20.10.2016 Thursday
Two half days of commission meetings.

21.10.2016 Friday
Two half days of commission meetings. After 16.00 local event. Folklore evening.

22.10.2016 Saturday
A half day of plenary meetings. This time is reserved for topics of general interest to the entire attendance. More plenary meetings. 16.00 Assembly of delegates. Banquet.

23.10.2016 Sunday